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  • Careers
    Join Edge Finance and have an amazing career!

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  • Commercial Loans
    Edge is a commercial property financier.

  • Contact Edge
    Contact Edge Financial Services head office, North Sydney, Australia

  • Corporate Profile
    After opening our doors in July 2000, Edge Financial Services has become a strong and reputable financial services business throughout Australia

  • Development Funding
    Property Development Finance Sydney

  • Edge Business Broking
    Professional Business Brokers are relatively new in the Australian market place. Statistics show that less than 10% of businesses sold in Australia each year are handled by Business Brokers.

  • Edge Capital Funding
    Any funds invested in this vehicle will be available for borrowings as first mortgage security.

  • Edge Clients Login

  • Edge Financial Planning
    Edge Financial Services is strategically aligned with  one of Australia’s largest, independent Financial Planning dealer groups.

  • Edge Franchise Opportunities
    Edge Financial Services is pleased to announce that it will be developing Franchise operations across Australia starting in 2008

  • Edge Real Estate
    Buying or selling real estate can be a very stressful and complicated process and all too often decisions are made without a balance of information being considered.

  • Equipment Leasing
    Edge Financial Services as a business, takes great pride in our ability to deliver a smooth & efficient process. From application to settlement, we handle all aspects of the transaction for you.

  • Finance Sydney home
    Looking for Finance in Australia? - Edge Financial services offers competitive solutions.

  • Fixed Rate loans
    Fixed rate loans are suitable for borrowers who prefer the comfort of knowing what your loan repayment is going to be each month.

  • Forms & Calculators
    Learn more about different finance options online using our information calculators

  • Home Loans
    Looking to finance a property anywhere in australia? Edge Home Loan is Australia's premier Non Bank Lender

  • Line Of Credit
    You have a preset limit that you can draw against and pay off at will.

  • Lo Doc Loans
    Lo doc loans are available to borrowers who are unable to provide a current tax return or your income is not a true reflection of your current financial status.

  • Loan Application
    Apply for that perfect loan now online.

  • Loan Service Net

  • LSN Guided Tour

  • News & Links
    Edge Finance News & Updates

  • No Doc Loans
    Some lenders will advance a loan purely based on a client who is in a strong asset position

  • Offset Accounts
    One account is your mortgage account and the other being a savings account.

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