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Commercial finance is a term used to describe a finance product that facilitates the purchase of equipment through finance. Most people use the common term of ‘Leasing’.

Edge Financial Services has the ability to deliver to its client base a broad range of commercial finance products provided by Australia’s major banks & private lending institutions.

Edge Financial Services as a business, takes great pride in our ability to deliver a smooth & efficient process. From application to settlement, we handle all aspects of the transaction for you. No matter where you are located in Australia, or where the equipment is you need to fund, we can assist.

Applications can be completed via a comprehensive credit interview conducted over the telephone with your supporting documents forwarded to us via fax or email. To make it even simpler for you, we commonly deal with accountants or your business administrators for financial information.

We can provide finance for any commercial purpose and can advise you on the most suitable product, term and structure for your particular needs.

Following you will find the types of finance we can arrange on your behalf.

• Finance Lease
The “funder” purchases the equipment or vehicle you require and then leases it to you over a set period with an agreed residual value.

• Hire Purchase
The “funder” (owner) gives the “hirer” possession and use of an item of equipment in return for regular payments. When the final payment is made, the “hirer” owns the goods.

• Asset Purchase/Chattel Mortgage
You take ownership of the goods upon delivery and the “funder” takes a registered charge over the asset. In some instances the GST portion of the equipment can be claimed back in your next BAS statement.

• Working Capital
If your business has an abundance of assets that are not generating a cash flow, we can provide a leaseback facility for you, which provide cash injection into your business.

• Rental Finance
A Rental Agreement gives you the full use of an asset whilst allowing you to avoid many of the risks typically associated with asset ownership i.e. depreciation in value, obsolescence and asset disposal.

The benefits are many and include:

1. Improved cash flow
2. Off balance sheet
3. Maintain existing lines of credit
4. Equipment maintenance can be included
5. Tax benefits
6. Flexibility
7. Budget control

End of Term Options

1. Make an offer to purchase
2. Upgrade to the latest technology
3. Hand the equipment back
4. Continue to rent at a reduced payment

Frequently asked questions?

1. How do I make repayments? Monthly repayments are direct debited from your bank account or your credit card.
2. How long is the application process? Usually within 48 hours upon receipt of a correctly completed application.
3. What equipment can be included? Computers, communications, office, security related equipment and much more.
4. Can I purchase equipment from any retailer or supplier? Yes, all we require is the invoice.
5. Can I cancel the agreement? The agreement is a fixed term contract; therefore if you cancel you will have to repay the remaining rental repayments.
6. Is there an interest rate? There is no interest rate as there is no loan, the repayment is an operating expense paid by you monthly.
7. What is “fair market value”? This is the value that you would expect to pay for your equipment if you were to purchase it from a second hand dealer.

• Premium Funding
Premium funding enables businesses to soften the burden of their expensive annual insurance premiums with equal monthly repayments spread over 12 months.

• Factoring
Funds are advanced up to a limit, commonly a percentage of the value of total debts owed to your business for goods or services you have supplied on account. In other words, trade debtor finance. This gives you an immediate cash flow albeit at a lower value than the invoice value.

Vendor Programs

Edge Financial Services facilitates a number of finance programs for equipment suppliers across a broad range of industries. We assist with the structuring of customer specific sales programs that incorporate our wide range of finance products.  We understand the importance of supplier/consumer relationships having both in mind when we facilitate the purchase of equipment with finance.

The benefits include:

1. Financing allows you to offer your product with a weekly or monthly repayment that makes it more affordable. You can actually experience an increase in volume and finance can eliminate the need for discounting.
2. You are paid in full at time of delivery eliminating the expense of carrying trade debtor accounts and chasing money. Additionally you will experience an improved cash flow.
3. We can provide funding for up to $50 000 without financials.
4. Joint marketing programs are available.
5. Point of sale material available.
6. Training available for your sales staff.

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